TruexGOLD is the No. 1 Crypto-Currency Exchanger in Nigeria with a wide variety of products and perfect exchange rate of 1USD to up to 400NGN. Products available include Bitcoin BTC, PlanetofBets USD, Naira NGN, Binary USD, Advanced Cash USD, Ethereum ETH, Payeer USD and Perfect Money USD.

To perform any transaction on TruexGold, you must be a registered member of TruexGold to enjoy the benefits.

To register on TruexGold, on your browser task bar, type and click on this url, click on sign up and follow the instructions that follow, by filling in your login username, email and password twice for security. You are also required to solve a simple mathematics calculation that serves as captcha that follows to authenticate your signup. Click on the box to read and accept the terms and conditions, then click on sign up.

In this post, I will be teaching you the step by step procedure on how to buy and sell binary on TruexGOLD.

After signing up, you can proceed to buy or sell by first login in to, fill in your username and password and always solve the mathematical captcha.

Next you click on the product you wish to buy, a sub-option will be opened to the right of the screen to show you the rate of exchange and the reserve.

Click on the sub-option displayed, and the send (sell), receive (buy) and personal details page will be displayed. Select the transaction you want to carry out and fill in the necessary details.

To send Binary/Deriv, you will select the binary option, input the amount (minimum of 10USD and maximum of 2000USD per transaction),

To receive, you must fill in your correct account details: account name and number and name of bank and amount.

Fill in your personal details and complete the mathematics captcha to authorize your transaction, and then click on exchange.

Ensure all your details are correct as incorrect and false information my lead to delay or even break down of transaction.

After paying for the bid, you will be redirected to the bid status page. There, the status of your transaction will be shown. During official working hours the exchange process can take within 5 minutes to 1 hour. But can take longer during non official hours.

If you having issues with your transaction, you can make use of the support button option in the menu and fill the form that displays with the necessary information required as our team of customer service would address your request feedback.

For further enquires, contact TruexGOLD on 


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